Appcelerator Titanium – One Of The Best Cross-Platform Tool Kits!

Appcelerator Titanium is one of the best cross-platform toolkits available today for mobile app development. The framework is based on eminent web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. It can be used effectively to create native apps for many smartphones, including those that support iOS and Android platforms. It is one of the best open source application frameworks that is available for free and is in high demand.

Appcelerator Titanium is similar to PhoneGap which supports web development. Some of the salient features of this toolkit include:
Free/Open Source Software Framework
Supports most web technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, and Ruby.
Enables the creation of rich mobile applications for Android and iOS mobile application platforms
Native applications can be created without the need for knowledge of Objective-C or Cocoa
Supports Ajax and JavaScript frameworks.

There are several offshore software development companies that have taken advantage of some of the most important features of Appcelerator Titanium. Some of those outstanding features are:
Over 100 customizable UI controls can be used to create native tables, dialogs, buttons, and other graphical elements.
Location-based services can be used to build beer apps and the like. Other location-specific features such as geolocation and compass can also be used.
Social media sharing support along with instant sharing and quick access to notifications and mails.
Full access to all camera functions.
Customizable built-in analytics to track website performance
Compatibility metrics for compatibility testing monitoring and evaluation actions
Full support for HTML5 and CSS3 and a complete authoring environment

With Appcelerator Titanium, you have the power to work on ideas and create what you like and need. You can use your web skills to build native applications that perform as if you had coded the application in Objective-C or Java. The application framework is linked with 300 APIs and has an enthusiastic developer community to bring imagination to life. One can make their applications rich, interactive, effective and flexible and even relevant to the context of social networks.

With Appcelerator, one can take advantage of great music features and photo editing tools with some really cool controls. Additionally, the framework has a flexible storage system that makes use of user preferences and general extensibility.

The plugin architecture also helps to easily code modules in different languages, including Objective-C or Java (for Android) for native functionality. Comprehensive support is provided for all 300 APIs that feature advanced animation for some of the best effects ever seen.

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